4 Acres off-grid for RV parking or ?

I have 4 acres of land on an offgrid property in Moffat, Colorado where others are living offgrid. The neighbors have a well from which they sell water cheaply. I have 3 well drilling rights for water. There is an electric pole nearby. I am willing to trade rent for development of the property. The county requires a composting toilet or RV toilet to be dumped elsewhere, in order to live there or a leach field. I do not plan to live there anytime soon, so I am willing to rent the property, and will take work-trade. My neighbor's are friends. There is a thermal well on the property but it needs to be dug to... again, I am not planning on developing the property, but I will do a trade for rent. One day I may want to come live there, but not likely. Joyful Journey Hotsprings is across the street and Valley View Hotsprings is up the road.

Available from: May 18, 2020
Size of Land in Acres: 1-5
Written directions: Rt 17 south to Woodard Road to 4th Ave within Mineral Hotsprings Estates
Type of Land: Flatland
Lake access
Sea access
Structures on the Land:
Natural boundaries
Some old derelict structures
Usable shelter
RV & Motorhomes
What Renters may bring to the Land:
RV & Motorhomes
No restrictions
Access: Road access
Is the site on level ground?: The site is level
Check-in process: Meet and greet at Landlord address
Cancellation Policy: Moderate
Duration of the lease: 20 Years
Water Access: Hose from neighbour
Power supply: None

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