Information about LandBuddy

How it works

How it works

Land Owner

    1. Sign up here and choose Land Owner in the dropdown. Fill in as much details as possible to help renter understand who you are and what to expect from the relationship.
    2. Click + List land for rent and fill out as much details as possible. The more context and details from your land the better the chance that you find the right renter. 
    3. Connect your bank account here. Once the bank details are added you are ready to receive  rental requests and get paid out for your rentals. In some cases local restrictions mean that we might require additional paperwork to manage the pay out. In these cases you will get an email from the accounts team.
    4. Once a Land Renter finds land of interest you will either get a message requesting additional information or a booking request you will need to accept. Once you have accepted and the Land Renter acknowledges the Land Rental your funds are released and  your land is Rented. 
    5. Connect with the Land Renter and make arrangements for the rental.

You can list as many lands you want, so happy listing and look forward hearing your stories on our social media accounts. 

Land Renter

  1. Sign up here and choose Land renter in the dropdown. Fill in as much details as possible to help the Land Owner understand who you are and what you are looking for.
  2. You can find land by filtering using the left side navigation and view by Grid, List or Map
  3. When you find land that interest you chose how long you are looking to rent and click "Rent Land" or Contact the Land Owner for additional information.
  4. Once you you have the information you require and your rental has been accepted you will need to acknowledge the rental and your funds are captured and sent to the Land Owner and you have successfully rented the land.
  5. Contact the Land Owner and make arrangements and go live off the land!

We'd love to hear your story and follow your off-grid life so make sure you share your stories with us on our social channels

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